Time Dreamer

Time Dreamer

Time Dreamer is a hidden-object game with a very interesting theme

Time Dreamer is a hidden-object game with a very interesting theme. In this game you wake up from a coma with an extraordinary ability: you can travel back in time while you dream. Your goal is to collect clues that help you figure out what you should change in the past to save your father, who has been kidnapped, and even change the future for good.
The game is divided by chapters that represent the different levels and offer different locations to explore. All the locations include areas that can be enlarged using the magnifier, where you can collect objects and clues. Some objects will be placed into your inventory for future use in some part of the scene and others will simply help you collect useful information. There are also hidden-object scenes where you will be asked to find the objects listed. Depending on the mode you chose (Casual or Expert), these scenes will be more challenging or not. If you choose Casual, apart from the usual hints which reveal the location of an object, you will have silhouette hints that will reveal how the objects looks like. The hints are unlimited, but they take time to recharge. The game also offers interesting and challenging puzzles for every taste.
Additionally, the game features great graphics. They are very detailed and realistic, and the cut scenes are very well-made. Sounds are also excellent and the music is suitable.
In short, Time Dreamer is a good hidden-object game to enjoy, offering state-of-the-art graphics and an interesting story that will surely captivate many users.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Awesome graphics
  • Great story
  • Two modes


  • Nothing new
  • Some scenes are a bit dark
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